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Tropical Triak #689


The tropical triak is related to the Arkenian sea leopard, but has a completely different territory, size, and anatomy. Living mostly around reefs and in shallow tropical waters, the triak is much brighter in colour, though it still shares the general feline upper body and the lack of gills. They're small and shy creatures, only warming up slowly to magi that are patient with them, and although social, they prefer smaller groups with other triak of similar size. Triak seem to have a sixth sense for finding valuable coins, gems, and stones hidden in the sands where they mostly live, and many magi go on treasure hunts with their triak.


This bright blue egg has white patches and a slim, maneuverable tail.


Triak hatchlings hatch barely larger than a magi's hand and take a long time to grow: upwards of ten years to reach their full size. Wild triak babies are almost never seen, as they hide within plants and among the nooks and crannies of reefs, but those hatched by magi learn quickly and can easily be trained. They seem to enjoy finding things placed within their tanks and will happily bring small objects like painted rocks to their magi's hands. They use their paws to dig through the sand and when placed together with other baby triak, they will often dig out a large divot where all the hatchlings can sleep together in a pile.


Slim and agile, an adult triak is an intelligent but shy companion, often hiding when strange magi approach. With magi they trust, however, they're affectionate and love to have their heads scratched, and will happily hunt out treasure when asked. They're excellent parents and can live a long time when properly cared for. They often explore at night when not feeding, and magi who live by the ocean have reported waking up in the morning to a pile of treasure - ranging from real gold to gems to bits of glass and particularly interesting shells - pushed up onto the beach.


Obtained from: Stream (common) Tributary: Callisto Islands
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 200 gold
Release date: July 9th 2016

Element: Earth An icon depicting the element Earth

Breeds with the following:
Tropical Triak + Tropical Triak = Tropical Triak (Easy)
Arkenian Sea Leopard + Tropical Triak = Arkenian Sea Leopard (Normal)
Arkenian Sea Leopard + Tropical Triak = Tropical Triak (Normal)

Sprite art: Lazuli | Description: Sochitelya

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