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Arkenian Sea Leopard #688


Though smaller in size than the akhlut, the Arkenian sea leopard is its top competitor in the frozen northern reaches of Arkene. It's thought to have two types of magic: one to allow it to breathe through lungs instead of gills even in the water, and the other related to its singing. Able to make a broad spectrum of sounds ranging from squeaks to trills to outright meows, the sea leopard combines these noises into a melody that is strangely hypnotizing. Those magi that have ventured into the killing cold of the north report that they've observed sea leopards using their song to keep prey still and docile. A few have even woken up to the song of the sea leopard and discovered the creatures close enough to touch, though no magi have been attacked by them.


This silvery egg has a damp tail swishing around it.


Arkenian sea leopard hatchlings are small enough to hold in the average magi's hands when they're born, but they grow quickly to their adult size. They're social creatures who spend a lot of time playing and grooming with both siblings and parents, and many wild sea leopards live in large colonies. Though they don't have the same range of song as the adults, they're still able to sing a target into freezing for a few seconds at a time, and the rare domesticated sea leopards are often very chatty with their magi, demanding food and attention. Hatchlings can only be kept inside in a tank for a few months, before they grow too big and need to be moved to either a cold outdoor pool or the ocean itself.


An adult Arkenian sea leopard is a large, powerful creature, with its heavy feline front end and its streamlined seal's tail. Their only real enemy is the larger akhlut, and they try to avoid swimming in the same areas. Extremely curious, sea leopards will come to investigate anything new within their territory and have been known to bring presents - usually dead prey - to their magi. Although social when tame enough, they still need a large area to roam in and don't often respond to commands or attempts to control them. They sing through all seasons, especially when hunting, but magi have noticed that the songs are increased during the summer breeding season.


Obtained from: Stream (common) Tributary: Everlight Crevasse
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 200 gold
Release date: July 9th 2016

Element: Air An icon depicting the element Air

Breeds with the following:
Arkenian Sea Leopard + Arkenian Sea Leopard = Arkenian Sea Leopard (Easy)
Arkenian Sea Leopard + Tropical Triak = Arkenian Sea Leopard (Normal)
Arkenian Sea Leopard + Tropical Triak = Tropical Triak (Normal)

Sprite art: Lazuli | Description: Sochitelya

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