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Light Lapis Crystalwing #505


Though most crystalwings are secretive creatures, lapis crystalwings are commonly spotted. They are attracted to anything bright, and will frequently fly above human settlements, looking for gems. Lapis crystalwings can fly extremely high, and do not tire easily, despite being incredibly heavy. These companions feel like metal to the touch, and their scales turn burning hot when they fall asleep in sunlight. Lapis crystalwings love the sun’s rays, and will seek it out even in winter. They seem indifferent to most weather, but tend to return to the Caves of Nareau when fall draws near. Those caves are supposedly full of treasures, but there are few who journey there. Lapis crystalwings keep their own caves in this area, where they collect all manner of shiny things they have stolen. Trying to retrieve an item they have taken is nearly impossible, as there are hundreds of twisting caves and dangerous animals.


Two gold horns have poked through the shell of this heavy white and green egg.


These hatchlings may make quite a pretty sight, as they are encrusted in gems, but they are not easy to handle. Despite not being able to fly yet, lapis crystalwing hatchlings still explore as much as possible. They move very slowly, as they are quite heavy, but are very determined to adventure. Unfortunately, their journeys usually lead to the magi’s rooms, where they hunt for anything shiny. One is lucky if the crystalwing just steals their valuables, because they will also sometimes eat them. It’s best to distract them with bright rocks, and crystals.


Within a few short years, lapis crystalwing hatchlings are fully grown. They molt once a year, losing gleaming feathers and gaining weight and height. These birds reach almost as high as a human’s chest, and are widely regarded as majestic creatures. During the day, these companions are seldom on land, preferring to soar through the air above. If one looks at the sky very carefully, they may spot a quick flash of colors, the sun hitting the crystalwing’s jewels and creating a kaleidoscope of colors. Crystalwing companions possess a power over both air and stone, and are generally chosen by magi gifted in these powers. These beings vary greatly in color, just as the Caves of Nareau do. Lapis crystalwings, however, only exist in two different variations. They are always striped, either black and red, or white and light green. Their horns are gold in color, and quite sharp. Their tails are heavily jeweled, and occasionally used as weapons. When attacked, lapis crystalwings usually just remain still, waiting for their enemy to realize they’re inedible.


Obtained from: Event, Magiversary, Retired
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 200 gold
Release date: May 11th 2014

Element: Earth/Air An icon depicting the element EarthAn icon depicting the element Air

Breeds with the following:
Light Lapis Crystalwing + Light Lapis Crystalwing = Light Lapis Crystalwing (Normal)
Rewin Dragon + Light Lapis Crystalwing = Light Lapis Pygmy Gemdragon (Normal)
Light Lapis Pygmy Gemdragon + Light Lapis Crystalwing = Light Lapis Pygmy Crystalwing (Normal)
Rewin Ancient + Light Lapis Crystalwing = Light Lapis Pygmy Gemdragon (Normal)

Sprite art: Cassowary | Description: Damien

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