The World - Grass Forest

  • Legends
Near the center of the island of Foenara the grasses become much taller, eventually reaching twice the height of a man, and so thick that it is difficult to move through them. It is often called the Grass Forest for the stems of these plants can reach twenty feet or more and block out the sunlight. Smaller creatures are found here in vast numbers, using the forest of elephant grass to hide them from predators. Many people believe that larger, more dangerous creatures also dwell in these tangles, and so avoid them. The only common reason people explore the Grass Forest is to search out the rare eggs of the creatures who live there. There are stories of the first people who came to the island and made their homes in the grass, weaving it into houses and huts to protect themselves from the heat of the summer and the heavy winter rains, but these customs have long been abandoned by most.