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The First of Our Kind (The Keep)

Legends of the lands
By: Damien

In a time long passed, magis were all but unknown. The ones that did exist were much different than those of today, holding power as most important. They held no regard for the magical creatures of the land, and each held their own fortress. Out of this era came the first of our kind, a man long forgotten, whose very name is lost to time. This man traveled the lands, and over years of study knew the locations of each magical creature. From the dragons in far off mountains to the mighty krakens and leviathans of the seas, he became beloved by many animals. He befriended them, and to him these companions granted great powers. With so many allies, this magi became the most powerful, and the other magic wielders soon became envious. They hunted this great magi down, throwing every spell and terrible curse at him that they could think of. This magi wandered, homeless, and constantly beset upon by those who wished him harm.
      He continued on his way for many long years, growing ever more weary from his travels. With time, he passed into unknown lands, where no one attacked him and his wild friends. He journeyed these lands, and his heart was filled with joy, for the lands were fertile and golden. No one assaulted him wherever he went. Fruit grew plentiful and life was full of ease. He rested then by the Stream, which was in those long ago days nothing more than that. As he stood in thought, the idea came to him that he should build a place for himself here, a stronghold against all those who wished him harm. From such a place he would live out the rest of his years in peace, and be allowed to study and grow old.
      He labored for countless years on this castle, and it was only with the help of great beasts that it was completed. Great dragons came from the mountains, hoisting huge slabs of rock into place. The koi swam beneath the moat and whispered subtle songs of protection upon the waters. Every gift was granted unto this place, and the magi had no lack of help. When it stood finished, strong and impenetrable, the magi was pleased. By this time he had grown quite old, his beard white and his cloak tattered. With a final sigh, he raised his arms and gave his very being to the walls, infusing them with a magic that has never been achieved again, all these centuries later. He gave his very soul to the walls, and The Keep was made, a refuge for every magi wielder wishing solace.
      Over time, more and more peaceful magis flocked to this place. They found this massive castle full of peace and comfort, an ideal place for their studies. The nearness of the forest allowed their creatures to wander as they would, and the lake was lovely for the aquatic animals. The young pupils filled the castle with joy and laughter, and with time The Keep became a home to many. Over the ages the students became the teachers, and more young magic users came to learn. The sorcerers and dark magi became fewer in number, and eventually became all but extinct, but The Keep survives to this day.
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