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From the Volcano (Magnis)

Legends of the lands
By: DocMordecai (2017 Legend Contest Winner)

In a time not so long ago, when the Dark Brotherhood was just a mere whisper, there was said to be a man to have found the first hellhound. His name was Myrddin, he was said to be a husky man, with great abilities as a magi.
      Now, Myrddin had traveled the World far and wide with a thirst to learn new spells, and find new beasts. His journey thus far had lead him to the scorching Etain Desert, a deserted and forlorn place.Which bore unusual beasts that had a minimal presence, none of which caught his eye.
      With an ever decreasing satchel of supplies Myrddin made a final push through the rough land of the Scarlands towards the Magnis Volcano. With every step shards of cold lava shattered beneath foot. Some of which cut through his leather shoes and into his feet. After what seemed an eternity of pain, Myrddin could see the ash-fallen land begin to slope steeply upwards. Up, and up, and up before his very eyes was the massive ever-flowing Magnis. Its' power was awe-inspiring for Myrddin, he wanted to get closer. To see the power of lava in person, and to hopefully find a rare creature.
      Myrddin was no fool, he had heard of legends about the demonic beasts which may lurk in such forsaken lands. After all, what else would draw a man of the Dark Brotherhood here, a land shaped by Lord Volran himself or so stories say. And as such, he now stands at the base of the magnificent volcano. Night had fallen, and Myrddin had since set up his camp. The glow of the volcano lingered in the sky, like an everlasting red sunset. There was an eery peacefulness to it that was indescribable.
      Days passed, and there had been no sign of life. Maybe it was his stubbornness, or his pride, either way Myrddin refused to leave empty-handed even if it meant slight starvation as his supplies grew as scarce as the creatures here. As night turned to day he began hiking upwards. The steep side of the volcano was intimidating to say the least, with sporadic breaks in the lava, and many sudden ledges, Myrddin was wearing out quickly. Which caught up to him soon enough. As he leapt from a steep ledge to another his ankle gave out, a usually perilous mishap. His landing was broken by the relatively soft ash layer, the only thing was he was at least ten feet down a ravine. The red glow of the sky seemed so far away as he lay, the wind knocked out of him. Myrddin had taken a while to recover, but eventually he regained enough energy to move on to find a way out of this. He had a length of rope, but with the way the lava cooled it would be impossible to hook it onto anything. While pacing back and forth, a small glimmer caught his eye. If he hadn't been in the exact spot he was, there would have been no way to find such a thing. Before him lay an egg which had soft flames rising around its' surface. The egg had been in a small crevice running along the ravines' wall.
      Myrddin carefully tore his shirt into strips, hoping that the layers of cloth between his hands and those flames would decrease risk of burns. But to his surprise as he picked up the egg, there was no heat to the flames. Not any heat that could burn at least. With great effort, and a long day of climbing, Myrddin successfully made it back to his camp nearly unscathed. Save for a sprained ankle, and some bruises. From that day on he made his way back to the Dark Brotherhood group, where he proudly showed off his new egg. It was from this egg and discovery that anyone in the Dark Brotherhood sought out Hellhounds as fierce companions.
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