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Father Earth (Alasre Mountains)

Legends of the lands
By: Damien

Once, long ago, there were no mountains or hills - this world was completely flat. There were trees, and oceans, but you could look in any one direction for miles and miles. This was all back when the earth was newly formed, carved out of the void. All the rocks were the same shade of color, and all the grasses tasted the same to the creatures. The gods saw all this, and became dissatisfied with their work. They put aside quarrels and worked tirelessly, making endless varieties of plants and animals.
      To the creatures they handed out special gifts, speed and agility and strength. For many long centuries the gods spent their time with the animals, giving subtle gifts and many attributes. Each god had a favorite creature, and to them granted magical powers, which were blown into their beings with a single breath from their creators.
      The world became more and more beautiful with each passing day, the gods contesting each other to see who could create the most. This earth became filled with rich animals, each one different from the last. Flowers and trees bloomed and filled the air with their sweet scents. The creatures were filled with joy at their home, and thanked the gods for their work. To this day, the gods are never finished creating.
      Still, the gods were displeased, and held a meeting. Something, they decided, was missing. They agreed that what they had made was beautiful, but one god had not given anything, and they asked him why. They were sure that his gift was what was missing. This god stood, and said, "I have nothing to give, for your creations are subtle and beautiful, but all I have is power. I have no gentle nature or beautiful colors to paint onto the earth." The other gods were saddened upon hearing this, but decided that this god should still give something to the world.
      "I fear I will injure it with my strength," he said, his face mournful. "I have only muscles, no ideas for something as magnificent as a butterfly." Still, the other gods urged him to offer something up, even if he should wreck their work. They would rebuild, they said, if it came to that. They wanted a complete world, with a touch of each of the gods upon it.
      The god nodded at this, and spoke: "I shall do my best, and pray that you will not regret your decision, my brothers and sisters." And having said this, he rose up over the world, and the others gods and goddesses watched breathless to see what he would do. He cupped great mounds of earth together, and sculpted the very ground. He ran his palm over the world, pressing down on some areas, and rising others up to tower over all. When he finished, he turned to his kindred to see their reactions. They were astonished, and very pleased. Where before there was nothing but flatness, endless new areas had been created. Each creature had a different area they preferred, an the world was at last complete. They turned to their brother and spoke, naming him Father Earth.
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