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Freedom (Voltar)

Legends of the lands
By: Damien

Beneath this earth are roiling seas of fire, oceans of red and orange. This is the land of Lord Volarn, master of fire. He is a great spirit, and the heat of the south is his doing. Like all the spirits at the beginning of time, he created his own special races, and gifted them with some of his own powers. His are the phoenixes, whose bright flames hold the secret to eternal life. Demonhounds and fire gryhpons, burning with magical fire, were his special creations.
      Volarn spent his days in his world, watching his favorite animals as they went about their lives. The lord grew quite proud of them, and soon enough his whole being was dedicated to them. This great spirit watched with great sadness as they became discontent, wandering through the same caverns, tired of the same landscapes. Volarn carved out more land, enlarging his kingdom, but still the creatures grew more melancholy.
      The Lord then meet with the other spirits, and they talked long about this predicament. The god's council took many long years to decide, and during this time the fire animals grew weary. Their nature was that of animals, and they wished to travel wherever they desired. One pup was particularly adventurous, and knew all the tunnels, and would spend all his time traveling back and forth, under the earth. This little one was also Voltar's favorite, for it was very smart and brave, and had endeared itself to the lord of fire.
      It so happened that one day, this small hound was exploring the farthest reaches of Volarn's domain. This demonhound was small enough to wiggle into spaces that none of the others could, and it was here that he found something. A crack in the rock, large enough for the pup to crawl through. The small dog did so, and eventually found his way to the surface. He wandered under the heat of the sun, thinking he had only found a new place. It was not until the sun set and the world cooled that the demonhound realized that he was above his home, and lost.
      When Volarn learned of his favorite pup's disappearance, his anger was great. Volarn knew that the world below was his domain, and the land above was his brother and sister's, but in his rage he cared not. He ripped apart the roof of the caverns, letting lava flow upward. Great volcanoes he created, and in his anger, he freed his creatures.
      Finally the lord had spent his rage, and looked around at the strange world. His animals were contentedly basking in the liquid flame, and nesting around the volcanoes. And there, in the midst of a new landscape, was Volarn's favorite pup, wagging his tail in joy.
      So it is that fire creatures walk the land above, and have made the sweltering land of Voltar theirs.
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