Frozen Male Hatchling

Frozen Male Hatchling
Name: unnamed
Species: Chlorophyte Dragon Turtle
Birthday: Monday, May 13, 2024
Owner: Peytachu

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Stage Progress: 15.27%
Overall Progress: 50.98%

Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Hatchlings are known to be rambunctious creatures, always busy exploring or playing. Dragon turtle hatchlings make other young companions look calm by comparison. These large reptiles are constantly attacking one another, ramming heads together and locking claws. Sometimes an older dragon turtle will have to step in and break up a fight. For anyone who watches long enough, there is a careful social order determined by these games. The victor of a battle will only enjoy their victory momentarily, because before long another hatchling will have attacked them. These little companions will continue these battles well until the sun is set, and then drift apart, sometimes sleeping a bit. It is uncommon to witness a dragon turtle hatchling grow tired, but when one does, it will drag itself up onto a rock or log, and bath in the sun. If there is no sunlight to be had, the dragon turtle will leave the lake to find some waves to take energy from. Before long the little one is rejuvenated and ready to rejoin the many mock wars once again. Any magi who is bonding with a dragon turtle should take care to teach it to be gentle, lest it playfully inflict a human with a wound.

Dragon turtles are giant creatures, prone to violent behaviors. Scholars believe their ferocious temperaments are due to their strength and energy, since dragon turtles are bursting with power. This power is not so much a blessing as a curse, leaving them constantly in motion and on edge. It is best not to startle a dragon turtle, and to slowly back away from any wild one. When roused, their anger is terrible to witness, and if they cannot release their energy, the dragon turtle will have to swim until exhausted. This constant need for movement is directly linked with their magical powers. Dragon turtles possess the unique and promising ability to change both waves and sun rays into magical energy. Not only does this make it so that dragon turtles hardly need to sleep, but it also allows them to swim rapidly and live most of the year without eating. Dragon turtles take advantage of this by finding desolate areas in which to live, where food is hard to come by. These companions may chose to live elsewhere if they had the choice, but they must live mostly solitary lives. This is because any group of dragon turtles will soon be at each others throats, and only many deaths would halt the violence. It is not surprising that dragon turtles make difficult companions, and are becoming more and more rare with each passing year. Still, those who have become enamored with these aquatic creatures have spent much time helping train new hatchlings, teaching them to be more peaceful. This group is also inspired by the dragon turtles strange and useful magic, and a few magi have tried to replicate it. So far, a new spell has created hot water throughout the year, without the need of warming it with fire. What other discoveries will be found are not known, but are eagerly anticipated.

Sprite art: Rijolt/GlassWalker (hatchling) | Description: Damien