Female Hatchling

Female Hatchling
Name: unnamed
Species: Porcelain Crystalwing
Birthday: Sunday, May 12, 2024
Owner: Tallalune

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Stage Progress: 19.26%
Overall Progress: 59.63%

Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Porcelain crystalwing hatchlings are shy creatures, often preferring to stick with others of their kind than to explore. As they are small in size and unable to carry people around just yet, many magis take turns socializing with them lest they would become feral. They are very fragile as younglings, though, and only those with experience are allowed to handle them. If by chance one of them breaks there are small chances of getting it back together to its initial state. Fortunately, this does not happen often. The porcelain they are made of hardens in time and soon enough small, peaceful creatures are allowed to climb on them for short rides as a form of training.

Porcelain crystalwings are very popular among magis during celebrations. They are often dubbed as the merry-go-round crystalwings because of their appearance and sweet nature. These creatures were created by the artificers with the intention of carrying people around on festivities and they act accordingly. They will let anyone climb on them and float around, sometimes in circles, especially if there is music played. Made of hard porcelain, these crystalwings have the ability to float, moving up and down as they walk forward. They never touch the ground, not even when resting. Just like statues, the porcelain crystalwings are immobile and if it weren't for their ability to float they could easily be mistaken as beautifully crafted decorations. Not having the need to feed or the desire to collect shiny stones, the porcelain crystalwings are the happiest when they can fulfill their purpose. However, they do tend to move to places that have gleaming objects when not carrying people around. One could swear these statuesque-like creatures have a content expression on their faces when it happens.

Sprite art: Lazuli (hatchling) | Description: Real