Adult Male

Adult Male
Name: Apollo
Species: Golden Plumed Crystalwing
Birthday: Thursday, May 2, 2024
Owner: Real

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Element: Earth/Air An icon depicting the element EarthAn icon depicting the element Air

The once fragile-looking hatchling has turned into a majestic creature. Two sets of wings sit on its back, covered in delicate feathers. The same feathers adorn the crystalwing's arms, and you suspect they are partly - if not entirely - the reason why this creature flies so elegantly. The crystalwings' flight is silent, and they can reach extraordinary heights, no matter how heavy their gem-encrusted body is. When the crystalwings' gems catch the sunlight, they reflect a kaleidoscope of colors, and many nobles keep them as companions simply because of this. At the same time, they are also picked as companions by magi who are more inclined towards the air and earth elements. Besides possessing silent flight and natural strength, the plumed crystalwings have magical abilities over the two elements, manipulating gusts of air and reshaping the earth. Even so, no matter what element a magi has or has not chosen, these crystalwings are a common sight on the Keep grounds. Although they were dormant for many years and are now ready to explore the world, the plumed crystalwings will forever call the Keep their home.

With each passing year, magi gather more and more information about the crystalwings, majestic creatures that come in different colors: the traditional purple and golden, but also in blue, bronze, and green. If the local villagers once regarded them as myth, the crystalwings are now a common sight. The plumed ones sport a second pair of wings and delicate feathers on their arms, allowing them to fly high in the sky, usually swarming over the top of mountains. Their flight is silent and graceful, the crystals adorning their bodies glistening in the sunlight the higher they fly. While most crystalwings make their nests in the caves of Nareau, surrounded by crystals, the plumed ones were discovered right under the Keep. No one knows how long the plumed crystalwings waited in slumber, only to be awakened by the recent excavations. Having less interest in crystals than their cousins, the plumed crystalwings rarely molt. However, when they do, the fallen gems are collected and made into fine jewelry, usually imbued with magic by the wearers.

Sprite art: Mysfytt (adult) | Description: Real