Adult Male

Adult Male
Name: unnamed Nocturnal Creatures
Family: Nocturnal Creatures
Generation: 1st
Species: Mohrior
Birthday: Monday, April 1, 2024
Owner: CinnaminDraconna
Mother: unnamed
Father: unnamed

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Stage Progress: 100%
Overall Progress: 100%

Element: Void An icon depicting the element Void

Although there are four different forms a mohrior may appear as, they are all similar and easy enough to identify. Mohriors are always pure black creatures, with foul temperaments. They lurk in the shadows, and are friendly only towards each other and their magi. Animals and other companions remain far from them, and are nervous when in their presence. While some believe these are merely odd companions, others firmly believe they are bad luck. Their appearances certainly don't help, as they have sharp teeth, glowing eyes, and are deathly thin. Mohriors may appear as ravenous wolves, who stalk the forests looking for their next victims, or unearthly looking horses. They may also be dark hares, who stare with cruel eyes, or goats so starved that nearly every bone shows. The most peculiar thing is, that no matter how much these creatures eat, they are always thin. Mohriors could ravage an entire orchard and no change would occur. It's said that mohriors have insatiable appetites for everything, and they will eat meat and fruit alike. Their favorite food seems to be rare herbs, however. If one can form a bond with a mohrior, the creature may allow one to follow them through the woods. The herbs that mohriors desire the most are very poisonous – nightshade, bloodroot – but mohriors never fall ill. These are not common companions, as many people seem almost frightened of them. Despite this, there are a few magi who like mohriors very much. These magi typically choose to sleep through the day, and awaken at night to work.

Every year, towns are bustling as people busy themselves with bringing in crops and preparing for the coming winter. It is an old tradition to leave offerings in the harvested fields, and almost every village does so. The food left behind are whatever the village has excess of – pumpkins, corn, and the like. These tributes always vanish come morning; stems, leaves, and all. The mohriors devour the plants with great speed, and whatever else they can find. Towns who do not give mohriors food find themselves plagued by the beasts. Mohriors are ravenous creatures, and their hunger is never satisfied. Just one can ruin an entire field. Fortunately, in return for a share of the bounty, mohriors are placated and do not eat crops at other times of the year. At the castle, excess fruits and vegetables are left out for mohriors every night. As soon as no one is around and darkness has fallen, these companions emerge and consume everything. These odd companions seem to eat anything – be it spoiled, cooked, or simply roots. It's rare to see a mohrior that is not eating, and they will eat anything around them, even cold, hard dirt if there is nothing else. Yet no matter how much they eat, these companions are always very thin. Should they see a person, they will stare at them with their jaws open, as if wondering to themselves if the person might make a suitable meal. Although no one has ever been injured by a mohrior, people always make sure food is available for them.

Sprite art: DarrkestDrow | Description: Damien