Adult Female

Adult Female
Name: Caelestis Ellin
Species: Mel Pyoka Cabbit
Birthday: Saturday, March 30, 2024
Owner: Arkacia
Mother: Caelestis Kala
Father: Caelestis Mawin

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Stage Progress: 100%
Overall Progress: 100%

Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Pyoka cabbit adults are active during both day and night time. They require little sleep and seem to be in a constant sugar rush from all the sweet treats they ingest. Luckily, they have a fast metabolism and never grow fat, their thick fur already giving them a chunky look. Their long ears no longer bother the adults, and they love to jump around all day long. Now able to sit on their back legs properly, the cabbits will observe attentively as sugary treats are made, begging for little treats. The easiest way to train the adults to not steal or to keep their distance while confectioners work is to offer them plenty of treats. While they may not understand that such things are bad, they realize that stealing and getting in the way means fewer treats for them in the future, so they behave. Even if they aren't exactly fond of pets, they allow people to stroke their silky fur now and again. There are few things the adult pyoka cabbits refuse to do if sweets are involved.

At first glance, pyoka cabbits are chunky and clumsy, their bodies seemingly unfit for physical activity. But appearances can be deceiving, and for a creature that seems to want nothing more than to laze around all day long, the pyoka cabbits are very energic and nimble. They are skinny, their bodies covered in thick, silky fur making them look double their actual size. With soft-looking faces, it's hard to dislike the pyoka cabbits, many of their wrong-doings forgotten when their round eyes peer up innocently at their magi friends. They love sweet treats, often begging for toffees and fruits, poking at people's legs, and mewling whenever they don't receive what they desire. Fortunately, the pyoka cabbits are easy to train and understand that stealing is bad, and such refraining from taking any sweets that don't belong to them. This doesn't mean they won't squeeze in the most unwanted places - such as large fruit salad bowls or toffee jars - leaving their fur on all the sticky treats they touch, thus, assuring their meals.

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Real