Female Hatchling

Female Hatchling
Name: unnamed
Species: Anacita Bunny
Birthday: Monday, February 12, 2024
Owner: Anonymous

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Stage Progress: 1.17%
Overall Progress: 50.58%

Element: Void An icon depicting the element Void

Your anacita hatchling seems to like nothing better than to zoom around the keep's grounds, every now and then leaping into the air, reminiscent of adult anacitas dancing. However, once it tires it will seek you out, allowing you to clean its fur of twigs, and happily curl up on your lap or inside a pocket for a nice long nap. Hatchlings will occasionally grow mushrooms as well, though these are in no way as potent as the adults' mushrooms.

Anacita bunnies are named after the anacita mushrooms which grow in their fur. Though others claim that the mushroom is named after the bunnies. It is the age old question of which came first: the mushroom or the bunny. The fact remains that the only known way to acquire the coveted mushrooms are through a trade off with the anacita bunny. Unlike most of their bunny cousins, anacita bunnies have a preference for meat. Although they have been found to eat nearly anything, their favourite delicacy is fresh liver and if offered such a treat, they will readily trade all the anacita mushrooms currently growing in their fur. As coveted as these mushrooms are, there are nonetheless nightmarish tales warning to not attempt eating the mushrooms raw as they will then cause hallucinations and are even toxic in larger quantities. Chefs like to use the mushrooms in their cooking, as when prepared correctly, the mushrooms provide whatever they are cooked in with a mild euphoric effect, causing the food to taste twice as good. The mushrooms are therefore banned in any cooking or baking competitions. However, each year, one unscrupulous participant or another tries to sneak them into the competition they are a part of.

Sprite art: Jrap17 | Description: NyxNoire