Female Hatchling

Female Hatchling
Name: unnamed
Species: Xisitak
Birthday: Sunday, February 11, 2024
Owner: AQuailsAubergine

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Stage Progress: 75.19%
Overall Progress: 86.56%

Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Xisitak spiders are tiny, pale, and entirely dependent on their mother for food and protection. She keeps them in an egg sac under her body until they hatch, at which point they all climb onto her back and stay there until they get too big for her to support them all. More shy than their adult counterparts, the spiderlings will only clamber off at night, which is when they practice spinning their webs. It's easy to tell where a mother xisitak has decided to rest, as the area around her becomes loud with the discordant twangs of young xisitaks still learning the ropes of how to play their own webs.

Xisitaks, unlike most other spiders, are not very shy and relish company. They're fairly easy to find, as one merely needs to listen for a distinctive hum in the air that comes from the vibration of a performing xisitak. Their silk has a magical musicality to it and is highly prized for its durability. Many noble women wear woven scarves created from the material, and whenever it is touched or moved by wind, it creates music. The xisitaks themselves, with their eight legs, play the most beautiful songs on their webs, and any passerby stop and listen to the music. According to legend, these spiders were once mundane spiders without ears. But one day, a powerful spirit chanced upon a sad xisitak. When asked why he was sad, the xisitak replied, "I am sad because although others can enjoy the music I make, I cannot enjoy it like they do. I can feel the thrumming of the strings, but I cannot hear the melody." Feeling sorry for the spider, the spirit granted him ears so that the tiny musician could savor his own songs. And from that day on, the music became even more lovely and beautiful, and the xisitaks created more melodies for everyone to enjoy.

Sprite art: Cassowary | Description: Cassowary/Damien