Adult Male

Adult Male
Name: unnamed
Species: Shuihu
Birthday: Sunday, February 11, 2024
Owner: Travelin

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Stage Progress: 100%
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Element: Water An icon depicting the element Water

Adult shuihu are self-sufficient and less interested in human company than when they were younger, though still generally very friendly for such large predators. Wild shuihu are inquisitive creatures who often approach magi visiting their territory to sniff them curiously rather than fleeing. Fully grown shuihu can phase effortlessly between a mostly watery form and a mostly solid form, and use that ability to hide when needed. However, they greatly enjoy swimming and prefer to use their solid form to do so. Shuihu will hunt when necessary, but usually live almost exclusively on fish, and are absolutely fearsome fishers. Different shuihu have different preferences on whether they bat at the fish, swim to chase it down, or lie in wait in the water, and magi have been able to trace shuihu family groups through the fishing strategies they share.

Found mostly in remote, soggy wetlands, shuihu are slightly smaller on average than their kuras tiger cousins, and generally more friendly. While they are slightly aloof, like most tigers, wild ones have been known to leave their remote marshes to seek out the company of magi from time to time. Shuihu have a playful streak, and those raised at the Keep will sometimes use their powers to prank visitors to Lake Lakira, hiding in the water and giving unsuspecting passers by quite a fright by springing forth when they draw near. It is said that shuihu have righteous souls, and are able to sniff out the justness of one’s cause. It is unclear how much truth there is to that claim, but there exist many folk tales of shuihu assisting outlaws in fighting greedy oppressors.

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Kestrad