Adult Female

Adult Female
Name: unnamed
Species: Demon Fish
Birthday: Sunday, February 11, 2024
Owner: wanderingwind

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Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Female demon fish are a terrifying sight and it is easy to see how they got their names. Males on the other hand, being less than half the size of the female and with less teeth, are not, and the male demon fish were considered a different species entirely for a long time. Adult females lure their prey into close range with a light producing organ called a photophore that is attached to a large spine. Some species of demon fish even have photophores running down the length of their bodies. While hunting, a demon fish will sit almost perfectly still for hours waiting for something to swim by, invisible except for the glow of its light. Demon fish will eat anything they can catch, their teeth perfectly suited for immobilizing prey. They are able to fold these huge teeth back into their heads to allow themselves to close their mouths. The males are considered a "parasite", once they find a mate they will carefully bite onto the female's underbelly and latch on. Overtime the male will bore its head inside and will eventually fuse into the female, essentially becoming one creature.

Living in the deepest parts of the oceans, demon fish are incredibly rare and little is known about them. At night the fish swim close to the surface to lay their eggs, allowing them to be swept off into the current. As the eggs float along they develop a thick, shell like coating on the outside that weights them down where they will sink to the bottom of the ocean once the stream reaches it. This is believed to be because of the fact there is little food down where they live and it allows them to not have to compete. This behavior also allows for magis to grab the eggs while they float along the surface so that they may study these creatures. In order to keep a demon fish, a magi must have a special tank that reproduces the conditions of the deep sea, otherwise a demon fish will not live once hatched.

Sprite art: Jrap17 | Description: Jrap17