Adult Female

Adult Female
Name: unnamed
Species: Etainian Naja
Birthday: Saturday, February 10, 2024
Owner: Daisica

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Stage Progress: 100%
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Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Fully grown, a naja can reach the length of an average sized magi, making them quite large. These snakes spend the majority of their days basking in the sun, absorbing the warmth. Najas are not the most approachable of creatures, though they can be held by their magi and will even offer help to a magi if they are lost, even so it is best to stay away. Healers and exploring magis tend to have a naja on hand, as their venom can cure most poisons, but it must come from a bite as there is no way to extract this curative without harming the snake.

Etainian najas can typically be found basking on the warm sands, their scales blending in and reflecting the suns rays, making them difficult to see. Najas are highly venomous, but rarely bite, only when threatened or when they sense that a magi has malicious intentions. Magis who explore the desert, if proven to be a good person, may be gifted an egg from one of these snakes. Najas never get lost in the Etain Desert, even if raised from an egg far away, they instinctively know where to go, making them the perfect guides. Najas are solitary creatures, preferring their own company, though they somewhat tolerate their magis, they still have a temperamental attitude. While najas are venomous, they have the ability to cure most poisons and venoms with a bite, making them helpful to exploring magis who may run into any venomous insects or reptiles in the desert.

Sprite art: Jrap17 | Description: Jrap17