Adult Female

Adult Female
Name: unnamed
Species: Silsia Phoenix
Birthday: Sunday, March 12, 2023
Owner: Moon487

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Element: Fire/Air An icon depicting the element FireAn icon depicting the element Air

A flock of silsia phoenixes is sometimes called a choir, and with good reason. Silsias sing from dawn until early evening, often gathering in choirs composed of more than a hundred phoenixes. They thrive on teaching each other complicated songs and will patiently practice daily until the entire choir has perfected the song. Silsia phoenixes enjoy performing for anyone and everyone, and more than one innkeeper is known to have a small garden full of treats and perches so that a small choir might choose to spend their day amusing patrons. A silsia phoenix will often sing a lullaby to its chosen magi, ensuring sweet, peaceful dreams each night.

Silsia phoenixes make their nests in the woodlands of Foenara, though they are wanderers at heart and love traveling throughout the land. They will often journey along with caravans of performers such as actors and bards. Silsia phoenixes are always welcomed on these trips because of their ability to affect emotions with their songs, lending a gentle touch to both sorrowful scenes and joyous dances. It is not possible to force these phoenixes into harmful manipulation of emotion, as anyone who tries will shortly find themselves overcome with guilt and confessing their sins to everyone they have wronged. Silsia phoenixes make excellent traveling companions as they can soothe upset and hurt, and so magi who travel to unknown lands often take one along to help ensure peace on the journey.

Sprite art: Jrap17 (adult) | Description: ShaiNeko