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Potooto #914


Potootoes may look like gryphons, but where gryphons are often noble creatures, potootoes are usually at least slightly deranged and not particularly bright. They spend most of their lives being mildly alarmed by everything around them, which often results in frequent loud and repetitive calls. However, they're generally pleasant beasts who are delighted when offered the smallest kindness, and they will swiftly become friends with whoever - or whatever - allows it. Most potootoes are of medium size, not large enough to ride, but able to carry small loads if their magi can convince them that nearby bushes, puddles, and small children aren't actually going to eat them.


It's a potato.


A hatchling potooto has little attention span and even less courage, though there are some who think these hatchlings lay it on a little thick in order to get cuddles. When not sleeping, eating, or pulling on each other's tails, potooto hatchlings spend their time yelling at nothing in particular. Potootoes are bravest when in a large mob, and older hatchlings will occasionally join adults to drive off predators, though they usually have to lie down afterwards.


An adult potooto is an awkward gangle of limbs and wings, but fortunately they don't really seem to care when they trip over their own feet or twist themselves into knots attempting to get a closer look at something. Potooto adults pair up in monogamous relationships and between the two of them generally have enough brainpower to raise their chicks. When living with a magi, adult potootoes are loud but never aggressive, and love to lie with their heads in their magi's laps, especially if they're also being fed treats. In general, potootoes are amusing and engaging companions who really are trying their best.


Obtained from: Stream (uncommon)
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 200 gold
Release date: August 13th 2018

Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Breeds with the following:
Potooto + Potooto = Sweet Potooto (Normal)
Potooto + Potooto = Cardinal Potooto (Normal)
Potooto + Potooto = Nightshade Potooto (Normal)
Potooto + Sweet Potooto = Potooto (Normal)
Potooto + Sweet Potooto = Sweet Potooto (Normal)
Potooto + Cardinal Potooto = Potooto (Normal)
Potooto + Cardinal Potooto = Cardinal Potooto (Normal)
Potooto + Nightshade Potooto = Potooto (Normal)
Potooto + Nightshade Potooto = Nightshade Potooto (Normal)

August 2018 Team Tussle competition creature.

Sprite art: Borealum | Description: Sochitelya

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