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Danaus Cyon #902


Both species of cyon share some traits, including distinctive stiff, upright manes, but the similarities end quickly, and the two species never associate with one another. Danaus cyons live in family packs and detest being alone. They are also migratory, travelling from the interior of the desert to the edges of the jungle during the breeding season so their young will have plenty of food and water. Nightfall in the jungle brings out the peleides cyons. These blue-pelted cyons are solitary and mute, communicating only through body language when they must socialize at all. Peleides cyons get their color from a butterfly they eat and if unable to get them, their pelts will slowly fade to grey.


This solid orange egg is rather warm.


From the moment they hatch, danaus cyons are bursting with energy. Too small to be dangerous yet, their tendency to chase anything that moves is nonetheless a nuisance at the Keep. Unlike some other creatures, they never seem to get too hot. They have a great dislike for cold weather and are unusually susceptible to the maladies that come with it, so great care must be taken never to let them get too cool.


In the blistering heat of a midsummer day in the Etain desert, mirages are common, but not always natural. Danaus cyons are skilled in creating illusions. They will create the illusion of an oasis to lure in potential prey, pouncing when it gets close enough. The cyons themselves are supremely adapted to the hot, dry desert and can survive on little food and water, although they will not hesitate to gorge themselves when prey is plentiful. Danaus cyons are very noisy except when hunting, constantly calling to one another with yips, barks, and howls.


Obtained from: Stream (common) Tributary: Etain Desert
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 200 gold
Release date: June 27th 2018

Element: Void An icon depicting the element Void

Breeds with the following:
Danaus Cyon + Danaus Cyon = Danaus Cyon (Normal)
Danaus Cyon + Peleides Cyon = Danaus Cyon (Normal)
Danaus Cyon + Peleides Cyon = Peleides Cyon (Normal)

Sprite art: Tekla | Description: Tekla

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