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Plushie Bear #706


Plushie bears, like other creatures invented by the Artificer's Guild, are in many ways artificial. Magi debate whether enchanted creatures are truly alive, for they are made of non-living materials and can only come to life with the help of spells. However, the creatures act independently of the magic that created them, and seem to retain a memory of their life if this magic wears off. For larger creatures like the plushie bear, these enchantments last a long time, up to twenty years or more. They are one of only a few enchanted creatures which grow larger as they age, as the bears like to eat materials like stuffing, fabric, and thread. The more they eat, the larger they grow, and an adult bear can reach nearly eight feet tall standing on two legs.


The shell of this egg is soft like fabric and covered in stitches.


Plushie cubs are born small enough to fit in your hands, but they grow fast. Within a few weeks, a cub is running around and nibbling on drapes and rugs around the Keep. They develop very particular tastes, preferring fabrics with certain colors and weaves, and turning their noses up at anything that isn't just right. Cubs grow less picky as they age, opening their tastes to thread, yarn, leather, buttons, lace, cotton, and even sewing needles. As such, the bears are forbidden from going anywhere near the Keep's sewing rooms. Though their appetite seems insatiable at times, the bear cubs will all at once stop eating and roll over onto their backs in front of their magi, demanding belly rubs. They don't truly need to sleep, but they seem to like resting next to their magi's pillows at night.


Fully-grown plushie bears could easily be mistaken for real bears at a distance. Large and strong enough to be ridden, few of these bears ever actually venture far beyond the walls of the Keep, or the workshops of their creators. Despite their fearsome appearances, plushie bears are harmless to anything that isn't made of string and cloth. Their teeth and claws are made of fabric, and though they feel solid and bulky, they weigh only a fraction of what a real bear does. An untrained bear can be a hazard to leave around the Keep, especially if it should wander into one of the laundry rooms and find a veritable smorgasbord of linens, but they can be trained to only eat garments offered to them by their magi. Fully-trained, these bears can be useful babysitters for other creatures, as they offer no threat and are difficult to harm. They can self-repair any bites or tears, and their fur can be enchanted to be fireproofed against even the most tenacious hellhound pups.


Obtained from: Shop, Artificer Shop: 8000 gold
Breeding: No
Renaming cost: 200 gold
Release date: September 28th 2016

Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Sprite art: Jrap17 | Description: PKGriffin

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