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Calidis Dragon #697


The sclerophyll forests of Calidis are home to many unique creature, most unknown to man or magi. However, few who visit the island go without seeing or at least hearing the calls of one of the island's most famous inhabitants, the Calidis dragons. Not truly dragons but lizards of a comparable size, these massive creatures hunt in open areas of the forest, using their fiery breath to burn patches of the forest and chase down creatures as they flee the flames. The forest grows quickly, but the dragons are easily strong enough to uproot some of the largest trees in their search for food. Whatever they cannot uproot, they burn, ensuring new growth from the ashes of dead trees and shrubs. The dragons and other fiery creatures on the island have become an important part of the ecosystem, preventing the fast-growing plants from overcrowding, and providing varied habitats which support the arid zone's diverse creatures.


This eggs is about the size of your fist and covered in fine scales.


A Calidis dragon hatches either black of brown depending on their sex, similar in size to a young cat. They grow like weeds, increasing in length by up to a centimeter a day at their peak growth. They continue to grow throughout their lives, though they slow considerably after their first few years. An adult Calidis dragon is nearly a hundred feet long and over twenty tonnes in weight, though there are stories of even larger lizard-dragon fossils from the mainland. As hatchlings, they are inquisitive and nervous, easily frightened and lightning fast. Like their distant relatives the anaugi, Calidis dragon hatchlings are quick to use their fire in defense, as they are able to breathe flame as soon as they hatch. Even the most foolhardy predators know to give young Calidis dragons plenty of distance.


Few things in the world can oppose the will of a fully-grown Calidis dragon. Although capable of bringing down trees and burning forests to ash, most of these massive lizards spend their days climbing the cliffs on the edge of the island or seeking out clearings in which to bask. Their behavior is very lizard-like despite their great size, and it is thought that they are descended from much smaller species from the mainland. With no permanent dragons residing on the island, these lizards had little competition and grew to become the apex predator on Calidis. The people who built the Ashen Temple revered the Calidis dragons, painting and carving them on their temple walls. These days, the dragons tend to ignore people who visit the island, but it is still recommended you don't get too close. One puff of fiery breath or snap of their jaws would make short work of a human.


Obtained from: Quest, Calidis, Retired
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 200 gold
Release date: August 25th 2016

Element: Fire An icon depicting the element Fire

Breeds with the following:
Calidis Dragon + Calidis Dragon = Calidis Dragon (Normal)

The creature is obtained by completing the quest series labeled "Calidis".

Note! The quest series "Calidis" is no longer available. It was part of an event to release the Calidis area on the World map.

The Calidis Dragons were only available to those who participated in the August 2016 community quest in exploring the region of Calidis, and contributed to Emander Tyris' excavation.

Sprite art: Tekla | Description: PKGriffin

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