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Lumen #666


According to some old beliefs, lumens were the result of vain magi being cursed by the gods to teach them a lesson - doomed forever to bear an ugly, frightening visage, they retreated to the depths of the ocean, where they have been ever since, and out of vengeance seek now to draw others to their deaths. Others believe it was the result of a summon gone wrong, a story that came to be widely circulated in the Keep as a cautionary tale. Regardless of how they came to be, it's agreed that they're strange relatives of dragons. Unlike many dragons, though, lumens possess little magical ability, being limited to creating bright flashes of light or shadows to obscure and confuse. They are rarely seen because they only rise into the lit portions of the ocean to breed, attracting mates with rhythmic clicking sounds, or when in desperate need of food. It is thought that they never stop growing - ship passengers who have caught sight of them describe them from dolphin size up to "large enough to attack the ship and win."


The small spots on this egg pulse with light sometimes.


Hatchling lumens grow up in ocean waters where the light still reaches, only darting into the abyss if they must. Prey is more plentiful in the lit regions of the ocean and lumen young must seek food almost constantly to support their rapid growth. Although their eyesight is poor, one wouldn't be able to tell as they rarely miss their target; instead of hunting by sight, they rely on electrical signatures to detect other creatures. Unfortunately, their targets also include other lumens - being unable to differentiate between their own kind and not, cannibalism among young lumens is not uncommon.


Disembodied little lights never bode well, but in the deep ocean there's very often a death trap full of teeth waiting behind it. Lumens that manage to survive the dangers of early life in the open ocean ultimately find it safer to move to the deeper, darker abyss, where their menacing appearance is hidden until it's too late to flee. They are unusually aggressive; when approached by something not food, they face the threat and flare out their wings, fins, and sail while brightening the angler and spots on their bodies to illuminate the waters. This is enough to make most things flee, and those that don't often don't survive the encounter. Nevertheless, if food is provided it is possible for a magi to befriend one or at least train it not to eat them, and they provide ships some protection by keeping threats at bay.


Obtained from: Donation (Apr)
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 2000 gold
Release date: April 15th 2016

Element: Light An icon depicting the element Light

Breeds with the following:
Lumen + Lumen = Lumen (Guaranteed) Cost: 3 shards

April 2016 Midmonth Donation Pet

Sprite art: Tekla | Description: Tekla

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