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Lunar Eclipse Kirin #628


Legend says the first lunar eclipse kirin was not born but crafted, the ultimate creation of some ancient ice-mage given life through powerful magic or blessing. Their bodies are strong as tempered iron, with jagged scales like saw-teeth - careless attempts to pet them can result in a badly-torn palm, and a full attack can be fatal as they bring those edges into play. Their frills are actually stiff, clear hairs like glass fiber, their rippling colors reflecting the magical cold fire which is the kirin's lifeblood. Shed hair and scales from these creatures are treasured by magi who work in metal and ice, but most valuable are their lapis masks, both for magic work and decoration. New kirin grow their first mask before they are an hour old, and shed them to form new ones all their lives.


Hair-fine frills create a chill aura around this dark egg.


This spindly hatchling's delicate appearance is deceiving, for even newly-hatched lunar eclipse kirins are nearly indestructable. Despite this, they are wary and shy; a careful approach in the open is safe enough, but if crowded or startled their scales lift slightly to become a coat of razor blades. This can even happen if they allow someone to approach, and magi raising these beauties are known to invest in a full suit of light armor, just in case.


Still delicate and beautiful, adult lunar eclipse kirins are much bolder than their young. They approach anyone they see as a potential challenger, but as long as the challenge is not met with force they will allow the person to pass. If attacked, however, they will use their scales as weapons as much as their hooves or horns, with devastating results. While they are willing to carry riders they trust, they require specially-constructed saddles, and will not take a bridle at all. Most people don't bother, but those dedicated to these lovely beings say the ride is well worth the effort, for they run like the wind and their natural chill is a great comfort when traveling in hot climates.


Obtained from: Donation (Nov)
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 2000 gold
Release date: November 1st 2015

Element: Fire An icon depicting the element Fire

Breeds with the following:
Lunar Eclipse Kirin + Lunar Eclipse Kirin = Lunar Eclipse Kirin (Guaranteed) Cost: 3 shards
Sunburst Kirin + Lunar Eclipse Kirin = Sunburst Kirin (Guaranteed) Cost: 3 shards
Sunburst Kirin + Lunar Eclipse Kirin = Lunar Eclipse Kirin (Guaranteed) Cost: 3 shards

November 2015 5-shard Donation Pet

Sprite art: Xenomorph | Description: Myrin

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