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Vernox Dragon #582


Vernox dragons discovered themselves; one fine spring dawn they turned up at the Keep via the eastern sarvain tunnel complexes, carrying lots of their own eggs and presenting them proudly to various magi, who subsequently found themselves adopted by these curious vaguely rabbit-like dragons. Friendly and sociable, these dragons have great magic with eggs of all species, and are an enormous boon to magi who are on nest hunts. Their whiskers somehow sense the proximity to viable clutches, and although they are always side-tracked by the alluring prospect of dismot nests, they can be trained to seek out eggs of any species the magi wishes. They spend most of their time tunnelling beneath the Keep, locating all the nests in the vicinity.


The colors on this egg are actually layers of a sweet, edible coating, carefully built up and deposited by the adults so that their young will have a ready meal upon first hatching.


Although these hatchlings are undoubtedly draconic, they have a number of lapin qualities. They bound around the keep in joyous leaps, have a tendency to denude the kitchen gardens of all the tender young shoots, and will sit up on their hind legs, ears twitching inquisitively, whenever curious about something they come across. Their favourite game is playing hide-and-seek, and when not otherwise required by their magi, they will invariably be found at this pursuit.


As they age, vernox dragons exhibit more serpentine traits, and their magic develops quickly. Although both genders sport gorgeous colors which could be mistaken for mating displays, they show no interest in pairing off within their own species. They are obsessed with dismots, however, and will show off wildly to attract their attention. Magi speculate that the vernox dragons' magic with eggs is of such highly refined capacity that they can reproduce by co-opting the abandoned eggs of other species, making some argue that they have become a rarified form of parasite. They are so friendly, however, that no one seems to hold it against them.


Obtained from: Event, Spring, Retired
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 200 gold
Release date: April 5th 2015

Element: Life An icon depicting the element Life

Breeds with the following:
Vernox Dragon + Chantecler Dismot = Cockatrice (Easy)
Vernox Dragon + Catalana Dismot = Cockatrice (Easy)
Vernox Dragon + Welbar Dismot = Cockatrice (Easy)
Vernox Dragon + Game Dismot = Cockatrice (Easy)
Vernox Dragon + Bantam Dismot = Cockatrice (Easy)
Vernox Dragon + Legbar Dismot = Cockatrice (Easy)
Vernox Dragon + Vernox Dragon = Vernox Dragon (Hard)

Sprite art: Lazuli, Lazuli/Tekla | Description: ApprenticeCrone

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