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Wreath Confara Pegasus #467


Along the northern edge of Silva Forest, where it meets the ice plains of the Arkene, Confara Pegasi make their home. They feed mostly from herbs and other plants growing in the shade of the deep green pine trees, but they enjoy gliding over the icy plains to stretch their wings. Their hooves have adapted to life in the icy region by developing slightly serrated edges, and to cope with the cold, these creatures have grown to be larger than their relatives. A herd of Confara Pegasi usually consists only of females and foals, with the biggest female taking the lead. The males are mostly living alone, although young stallions sometimes band together. If they get too close to a herd of females, they will be chased away unless it is mating season.


This cream-colored egg seems to be sitting in a wreath.


A sturdily built foal has hatched from your egg, its long legs strong enough to support it running around only a few minutes after breaking free of the shell. It trots around briskly, curiously sniffing at everyone and everything. When something scares the little creature, it runs away at top speed, flapping its wings to go faster. It will be some days before those wings will be able to support it in flight. Meanwhile its curiosity soon overcomes its fright as it goes exploring again.


Confara Pegasi are bigger and stronger than their cousins, and thus are a great help around the Keep. They can carry great loads, pull carts or work contraptions that need a lot of muscle power. They are gentle creatures that learn easily, which makes them perfect for the job. During winter, many Magi offer free sled rides, the Confara Pegasi pulling the sleds decked out in bright harnesses and jingling bells. Children especially love these sled rides, which are a highlight of wintertime around the Keep. Most of those rides go between Synara and the Keep, allowing people from the Keep to enjoy the winter market in the city or Synarans to admire the magical winter decorations of the Magis' home. Confara Pegasi love evergreens; the smell alone will make them calm and friendly. Magi who give evergreens to a Confara Pegasus are treated to the sight of the creature happily prancing through the snow as it munches on the twigs.


Obtained from: Event, Winter Solstice, Retired
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 200 gold
Release date: December 24th 2013

Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Breeds with the following:
Wreath Confara Pegasus + Sleighbell Confara Pegasus = Pennant-winged Pegasus (Easy)
Wreath Confara Pegasus + Wreath Confara Pegasus = Wreath Confara Pegasus (Hard)

Sprite art: GlassWalker | Description: Morgaln

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