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Crystal Gobbler #1505


With a quick glance one would easily mistake the crystal gobbler for a crystalwing. Closer inspection reveals, however, that the crystal gobbler has only adapted to look like one in order to fool actual crystalwings and infiltrate their caverns. The crystal gobblers are especially drawn to crystalwing dens, and are excellent in locating those even from long distances. Once they get a whiff of a crystalwing den they will try to get to it by the fastest and most direct route, sometimes digging through layers of soil and small rocks with the powerful claws on their front feet. If the crystal gobbler reaches the crystalwing den, undetected thanks to its mimicry, and the crystalwing isn't there to guard it, the crystal gobbler may end up being quite destructive. In its search for any fallen gems or things to eat it may trample any eggs on the nest without a remorse. The crystal gobbler also secretes a sticky substance it uses to decorate itself with the gems it finds. These glued-in gems act as yet another way for the crystal gobbler to blend in with actual crystalwings and makes it more likely to succeed in its den raiding.


The moment you pick this egg up you prick your finger on the sharp horns poking through the shell.


Hatchling crystal gobblers aren't yet quite as insufferable as the adults. They seem to feel really privileged and will push aside any smaller hatchlings in order to get more treats, better places to lay on, or anything they seem to think as belonging to them. Which is many things. Once these little dragons start growing a little bigger it's almost impossible to keep them around other companions, especially crystalwings, as the crystal gobblers constantly sneak up to the others and get into fights by snatching whatever the other creature is eating or playing with.


Once a crystal gobbler grows up it will get real nasty and opportunistic. It seems to dislike other creatures, its magi, and even others of its own species, and will either hiss and snap at them to drive them away, or burrow into a suitable hole to bide its time. The creature seems unable, or too lazy, to hunt, and instead resorts to getting its food by snatching it up from other unsuspecting creatures. Due to this the crystal gobbler quickly becomes very disliked among other creatures, which makes the crystal gobbler very good at adapting and becoming even more resourceful in its robberies. This skill, and the crystal gobbler's ability to locate crystalwing dens has made it popular in certain circles of magis of questionable morals.


Obtained from: Shop, Donation Shop: 2 shards
Breeding: No
Renaming cost: 2000 gold
Release date: May 15th 2024

Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

May 2024 Midmonth Donation pet

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Rosehill

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