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Tenebrous Oinari #1479


Everyone rejoiced when the elemental magic was discovered. While most magi became preoccupied with a single element, others took this opportunity to manipulate the magic and experiment, the results often uncanny. The oinari is one such result, an outcome of mixing the arkenian gulo with something else that some might claim to have been the khadakhad daant. Magi stopped the experiments before any creatures were harmed, but this strange chimera remains a statement that foolish magi should not meld elemental magic. The oinari is an overall shy creature that mostly keeps to itself. It possesses the body of the gulo with the same thick and beautiful fur. The resemblance stops there, though. The creature has a bone-like maw, a visible spine, and a pair of secondary eyes. It can be ferocious if provoked, able to deal heavy damage to protect itself. The oinari's sharp claws can break through almost anything, having interesting effects if piercing flesh. The wounded target will experience unharmful visions that will let the oinari escape. However, an oinari rarely attacks, as the secondary pair of eyes allows them to see the nearby future while they see the present with their main pair of eyes.


Sharp bones break this egg's shell.


The only indication of the oinari hatchling living in your room is the fort made in the corner with fabric pieces, torn napkins, and papers. You see the hatchling lying on its belly, one set of eyes closed, the other open as it stares seemingly into nothing. This is when your hatchling focuses on the future more than living in the present. You also suspect that your hatchling might have fallen asleep like that. When not in its fort, the hatchling stubbornly hides under your robes, searching for warmth. It will peek its head out only to check on your activity and squeak lightly at your progress. It would be hard not to get attached to your oinari hatchling when it is so well-behaved. Even when it accidentally scratches you while playing, and you end up with a weird and distracting hallucination, you still can't get mad at your hatchling. Or when others visit you and your hatchling takes a threatening stance, ready to protect you from all intruders.


You have been caught in a game of surprise with your oinari for a few weeks now. Each time you return to your room, the oinari tries to scare you through whatever means possible. You try to do the same, but so far, you have not won any rounds of the game. No matter how hard you plot and change your mind at the last moment, the oinari still avoids your tricks by seeing the future. Occasionally, your companion doesn't manage to scare you as much as intended. While seeing the future and analyzing various possible outcomes, the oinari sometimes confuses itself. The only way to prevent it from sulking is to give it treats. Now that it has grown and is no longer as shy as it used to be, your oinari goes out to hunt. There are days when your companion does not return, and you worry something might have happened to it. But you know how hard it is to catch an oinari against its will. The creature's ability to farsee allows it to escape dangerous situations and return to you safely.


Obtained from: Donation (Feb)
Breeding: No
Renaming cost: 20000 gold
Release date: February 1st 2024

Element: Light/Void An icon depicting the element LightAn icon depicting the element Void

February 2024 5-shard Donation pet.

Sprite art: Xenomorph, Xenomorph/Lazuli | Description: Real

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