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Decaying Mawdracon #1454


Magic is fickle, and not everyone is as good at it as they claim to be. There are cases when spells get out of hand and backfire, and there are times when spells do not work at all for unknown reasons. When this happens - and the energy gets released into the space around the caster - some things get affected by it. Sometimes plants wither or bloom uncontrollably, sometimes things get broken, and other times surrounding creatures get affected and changed by it. The mawdracon is the result of one such instance of magic not working right. It is not a dragon, a desgolo, a daycrawler, or a nightcrawler, but an entirely new species that has aspects of all these creatures together. The mawdracons are not alive, although they exist. They feed on magic and seek it mindlessly, their only intent being to stay alive. They are not malevolent, but they are parasites and act accordingly. Fortunately, they absorb only as much magic as they need to survive, and so far, no creature has come to its demise because of the mawdracons.


The creature inside this egg is definitely not alive.


Mawdracon hatchlings are not a pretty sight. They are small, smell like rotting flesh, and very much not alive. However, they are wiggly and very loud for their size. The hatchlings are restless until they find a source of magic - be it a creature or a potion bottle. They grow rapidly, in accordance with the amount of magic they absorb. The more magic they ingest, the faster they grow. Sometimes, mawdracons hatch in the morning and grow entirely by the end of the day. If they are isolated and find no source of magic, the hatchlings will become inert and remain like that until another spell is released nearby or a magical creature passes by. This is one of the many benefits of being dead: the mawdracons cannot die from the lack of magic.


Despite their disturbing looks, some mawdracons live around magi. They are beneficial when casting bigger spells. If something goes awry, the mawdracons can absorb the magic. They are also helpful when capturing wild, magical creatures, as it does not involve force. However, it does not mean that the mawdracons like having a master. They are free creatures and have no desire to obey someone's command. Their only purpose is to feed and endure through time. Those who deal with the mawdracons have to be very careful as these creatures can and will absorb all magic, a magi's one included. Keeping the mawdracons away from the Keep is a difficult task, especially during festivities when everyone gathers and shows off their magic and creatures. To prevent a swarm of decaying mawdracons from invading the castle, those in charge have to cast life magic spells, as this is the type of magic that attracts the decaying mawdracons the most. As for the spectral mawdracons, things can become trickier. They love potions more than spells. No one is willing to give away their precious gender or breeding potions, so most of the time, it is the dusky potions that get discarded.


Obtained from: Event, Halloween, Retired
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 2000 gold
Release date: October 25th 2023

Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Breeds with the following:
Decaying Mawdracon + Decaying Mawdracon = Decaying Mawdracon (Hard)
Decaying Mawdracon + Spectral Mawdracon = Decaying Mawdracon (Hard)
Decaying Mawdracon + Spectral Mawdracon = Spectral Mawdracon (Hard)

Sprite art: Munin | Description: Real

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