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Caramel Cabbit #1312


Cabbits show up at the Keep every year during the height of spring. With the long ears of a rabbit, the paws and whiskers of a cat, and a bold, friendly disposition all their own, they are a beloved companion and their reappearance is an excuse to celebrate. Bakers at the Keep make a large array of sweets, and inevitably cabbits will shamelessly swipe at least half of them. Cabbits are as liquidly flexible as cats and capable of leaping well over double the height of an average magi, so trying to keep the treats away from them is futile. In fact, cabbits seem to enjoy searching for sweets, so magi have taken to hiding sweet treats in odd locations to entertain them. Cabbits disappear again at the end of summer, and as they are not terribly fond of traveling outside the Keep, no one is quite sure where they go to between then and the next spring.


This sweet-smelling egg has two large ears sticking out of it.


Newly hatched cabbits are soft, floppy, sleepy things that love nothing more than to curl up somewhere warm - preferably a magi's lap, preferably under a sunbeam - and doze for hours on end. When they wake, they demand feeding, but as cabbits are generally rather quiet, this is conveyed through soft, adorable whines and meows and a great deal of poking at their parent or magi until they are provided with sweet warm milk. However, as they get older, they grow more and more active and inclined to cause trouble, poking around for sweets. After three weeks, they as are flighty and fast as rabbits, as mischievous and curious as cats, and as slippery as both. Magi caring for a young cabbit generally hide treats in their quarters to keep it occupied and hopefully prevent it from poking its nose anywhere too dangerous, and often place an unobtrusive tracking spell on their charge just in case. Even so, it is a common sight in the springtime to see kitchen workers exhaustedly scooping escaped cabbit hatchlings out of flour bags and sugar jars to deposit them in the arms of their apologetic magi.


Adult cabbits are sleek, graceful, friendly creatures, less inclined to get in trouble than hatchlings, but still excellent at squeezing into inaccessible places and pilfering sweets. Cabbits delight in receiving pets, and because their fur is pillow-soft and always smells pleasantly of sweet baked goods, magi are always happy to oblige. They shed prolifically, and their fur clumps are collected and spun into delightfully soft garments that always smell faintly sweet, though seemingly without any other magical qualities. With their love for treats and their ability to get to hard to access places, cabbits can be persuaded to help magi search for things in exchange for sweets. However, they do not enjoy traveling, much preferring the easy life napping in sunbeams and getting pampered by magi at the Keep, and so usually aren't taken on long quests.


Obtained from: Event, Spring, Retired
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 200 gold
Release date: April 19th 2022

Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Breeds with the following:
Caramel Cabbit + Caramel Cabbit = Caramel Cabbit (Very easy)
Chocolate Cabbit + Caramel Cabbit = Chocolate Cabbit (Very easy)
Chocolate Cabbit + Caramel Cabbit = Caramel Cabbit (Very easy)
Caramel Cabbit + Milky Cabbit = Caramel Cabbit (Very easy)
Caramel Cabbit + Milky Cabbit = Milky Cabbit (Very easy)
Caramel Cabbit + Icing Cabbit = Caramel Cabbit (Very easy)
Caramel Cabbit + Icing Cabbit = Icing Cabbit (Very easy)
Caramel Cabbit + Cream Cabbit = Caramel Cabbit (Very easy)
Caramel Cabbit + Cream Cabbit = Cream Cabbit (Very easy)

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Kestrad

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