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Green Nareau Minnow #1292


As you explore the caves of Nareau in search of Crystalwings, you come across a small, glowing pool of water. Walking over to the water you look inside and see tiny fish swimming around, the glow you see is coming from them. These are Nareau Minnows, you've seen them before and you think to yourself they are quite pretty. As you sit and watch the blue and green little fish swim together around various gemstones and geodes; you notice one swimming to the top of the water with an egg in its month. Is it offering you an egg? You grab a cup from your bag and scoop the egg inside. You thank the little fish as you stand and continue your exploration, happy for the experience you just had.


You return home after your travels with this small little egg still inside the cup. You set up a small tank for it, setting some gems and the like around the tank to make it feel at home once it hatches.


Newly hatched nareau minnows are nearly microscopic, easily overlooked by magis unless they knew what they were looking for. Even though you know your new little companion is in this tank, you still have a hard time finding it. At this age, they are yet unable to produce any lasting glow, but you see a light flash occasionally from the tank, so you know it's still in there. Once the hatchling grows large enough, you begin to feed the little fish small bioluminescent insects, it's favorite food. After a steady diet of these, your little fish will be able to glow whenever and however long it wants to.


After a few weeks your nareau minnow has fully matured. You sit and watch as it swims around the tank and it seems to have found a favorite geode that it likes to hang around. As it was it growing, you became worried when you noticed it had no eyes, however, you have since done more research on these little fish. Living deep in the caves and in near-complete darkness, they have no need for eyes and over time have developed without them. You have also found that they school together in groups of up to six, so you have decided it would be best to get more so your little fish isn't alone. You have also read that nareau minnows are a popular bait fish among fishermen, using them to catch larger fish in the lakes found deep within the caves of Nareau. You look at your little companion, it has nothing to worry about.


Obtained from: Stream (common) Tributary: Mountain Pass Junction
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 200 gold
Release date: January 15th 2022

Element: Light An icon depicting the element Light

Breeds with the following:
Green Nareau Minnow + Green Nareau Minnow = Green Nareau Minnow (Hard)
Blue Nareau Minnow + Green Nareau Minnow = Blue Nareau Minnow (Easy)
Blue Nareau Minnow + Green Nareau Minnow = Green Nareau Minnow (Easy)

Sprite art: Jrap17 | Description: Jrap17

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