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Gallium Crystalwing #1225


Artificers have always been fascinated by the famed crystalwings, something that fueled their desire to create one of their own. One such crystalwing was made out of enchanted gallium, an element that proved to be susceptible to magic. Silver in color and very malleable, this metal is perfect for the ever-changing crystalwings as it gives them the ability to rearrange on their bodies some of the crystal shards they consume. Influenced by room temperature, the colder it gets they become less active to the point of being immobile. If the temperature rises, their bodies melt and start to change shape and they become more and more energetic. Just like the other crystalwings, the gallium ones love to collect shiny objects; sometimes to decorate their homes or to simply chew on them.


This egg constantly changes shape when held.


If kept in a warm environment, a gallium crystalwing hatchling will act like any other crystalwing of its age. It will explore tirelessly, not a single thing left unturned in its path. Those who have experience with young crystalwings would expect these creatures to be rather slow and maybe a little clumsy, however, gallium hatchlings are not as heavy, which makes them twice as fast in their daily explorations. If one considers a gallium hatchling has had enough adventures for the day, the temperature around it should be simply lowered, and the crystalwing will slowly solidify and take a nap. This has no negative effects on them. They will come back to life and be as cheerful as ever once the temperature has risen again.


With a penchant for stealing and gnawing on shiny stones, adult gallium crystalwings can easily be mistaken for their live counterparts. The shards these creatures sometimes accidentally ingest become part of them, perfectly blending in with their silvery bodies. Always changing shape when kept warm, these crystalwings are notorious for perching on hard-to-reach surfaces, leaving droplets of gallium behind them. If for some reason the temperature drops while they are perched somewhere high, they will remain immobile, watching over a room like gargoyles. Playful by nature, the gallium crystalwings like to wrestle with other creatures, sometimes grappling their playmate with their ever-changing bodies, covering their unfortunate friend in gallium. However, the metal they are made of is not toxic, and they can easily be handled without the risk of getting poisoned.


Obtained from: Event, Magiversary, Retired
Breeding: No
Renaming cost: 200 gold
Release date: May 10th 2021

Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Real

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