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Cornu Lutrinae #1111


These creatures are commonly seen by travelers as they fly overhead, migrating between the icy tundra in the northern regions of Boreus and the cold lakes just north of Arkene. These sociable creatures travel in large flocks, and while individually their honks are noisy and irksome, together a flock can create a haunting melody as they pass by. Cornu lutrinae mate for life, and together they can create a song that will also match with the rhythm of their flock. A flock can move almost like one mind, both in the air as they migrate and even in the water. Individual flocks have individual songs, and each can elicit strange emotions in listeners, though no one has determined the meaning.


This egg has faint speckles.


Cornu Lutrinae hatchlings are clumsy. Their wings are too small to fly and they haven't yet developed the balance between their bird-like forelimbs and back paws. In the water, however, they are quite content, using their rudder-like tail to power through the rivers and streams of the Keep. They much prefer cold water, where their dense feathering keeps them safe and warm. When not swimming, they are very attached to their magi, and will clumsily follow them around the keep. While they follow, they will honk and chirp, apparently confused by their vocalizations not keeping in rhythm with anything their magi says.


As cornu lutrinae hatchlings mature, their strange honks and chirps become more rhythmic, as though they are lone notes in a longer song. Even cornu lutrinae hatched at the Keep, alone, will somehow find a flock of others of its kind, their songs eventually matching and finding its true cadence as others migrate overhead. A true mark of a fully grown, happy cornu lutrinae is when they find a flock to belong to. Despite traveling with their flock most of the time, a cornu lutrinae will always return to their magi if they are wanted or if their magi needs help, though no one quite understands how they know. Musicians and magi alike have studied the intricacies of the songs created by flocks of these creatures, though they may also contain notes that humans cannot hear.


Obtained from: Shop, Trading Post: 5108 gold
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 200 gold
Release date: May 4th 2020

Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Breeds with the following:
Cornu Lutrinae + Cornu Lutrinae = Cornu Lutrinae (Normal)
Cornu Lutrinae + Cytrinae = Cornu Lutrinae (Normal)
Cornu Lutrinae + Cytrinae = Cytrinae (Normal)

Sprite art: DarrkestDrow | Description: Raneth

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