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Forgotten Unicorn #1042


Burying the dead is a good idea. Burying eggs that didn't survive is a better idea. If you don't, they may be touched by its twisted horn. What emerges isn't what you buried.


This egg was abandoned.


Sometimes, eggs grow cold, and the parents abandon them. Sometimes, magi think their eggs will never hatch, and forget about them. And sometimes, as autumn looms and the nights grow long a dark, a shadow passes by, a dark horn touches the shell, and the egg hatches anyway. The hatchling is always a unicorn - an adorable, energetic little unicorn with a red mane. It loves to play. At least in the morning.


The unicorn is gaunt, but loving. At least in the morning. Only the bravest can bear to see what it becomes. And only the most skilled, powerful magi let it out at night. It is driven to make more, and must be controlled. There are so many young ones that die, and so many opportunities.


Obtained from: Event, Halloween, Retired
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 200 gold
Release date: October 26th 2019

Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Breeds with the following:
Forgotten Unicorn + Forgotten Unicorn = Forgotten Unicorn (Hard)

Sprite rotates based on time of day.

Sprite art: Xenomorph | Description: Raneth

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