The World - Silva Forest

A dark forest beckons you to enter, shadows looking cool in the heat of the day. You give a sigh of relief at escaping the hot sun, blinking in the sudden lack of light. It takes a moment for your eyes to adjust, and you stand still while they do, listening to the sounds of wildlife. You can smell crisp leafs and dirt, the musty scent of something decomposing. Your eyes fly open as the birds fall silent. Standing before you is a wolf larger than any normal animal of it's kind would be. You know direwolves - The Keep is full of them - but you've never seen a wild one, and you're suddenly aware of the danger it poses. This isn't a sweet, tamed creature you wrestle with; its eyes meet you with nothing but aggression. You wait breathless until it passes you, its hair raised and teeth exposed.
      These trees are the most massive in the world; several people holding hands can not reach around them. These trees have been here for as long as anyone can remember, and no one has ever dared to cut one down. A beautiful red, they host wide varieties of creatures; foxes, squirrels, birds - all of these animals and more live within these cool woods. It is said that at the very center, there is something deeply magical and powerful to be found.
      If a magi wanders too deep into these trees, they can become lost for weeks. When they emerge, dirty and wild looking, they are said to be changed. More attuned to nature, they possess subtle earth powers and communicate with their creatures without speaking, a skill that can be extremely useful in everyday situations or battles alike.
      You dare follow it, slowly and softly, knowing the other magis your age will never let it go if you admit to being scared of Silva Forest - the least dangerous place to travel, so near to The Keep you can reach it on foot. You watch as the massive direwolf scrambles into a low-roofed cave, spending less than ten minutes within before wriggling out and continuing on its way. A she-wolf, then, you think, approaching the den. Do you dare to continue, you wonder? Ducking inside, you quickly spot a clutch of eggs and grab one before backing out. You strike out for The Keep right away, not waiting to see the reaction of the direwolf when it realizes one of its young are gone. The other scholars won't laugh at you now, when they see the prize you've brought back.
      Silva forest is a temperate forest with a variety of trees. Its seasons are distinct, though the northernmost reaches tend to have longer winters and overall cooler temperatures throughout the year. The forest covers vast tracts of land, and it gets densest in the center and east as it gets closer to the Alasre mountains, where it finally thins out a little. There are occasional valleys throughout the forest, allowing for a much-needed break from the endless trees.
      The forest has a sort of spectral quality about it. The canopy is often thick, making the interior of the forest very dark, except for the occasional patch of light. Magi have to be careful or risk getting lost among the trees, as there are relatively few well-worn paths, and none of those paths extend deeper than a couple miles in. It can turn out very poorly for a magi who wanders off the trail.