The World - The Stream

Eggs not ready to hatch yet, or owner-less, are placed here. Many magis place eggs they've found into the stream, and any magi may take one to raise. The Stream is mainly for young magis incapable of dangerous travels as of yet. All eggs thrive in the magical stream, waiting to be hatched. The rarer the egg the less of them there are; older magis are the ones bringing these eggs in, and they are difficult to find.
      The Stream is magical and nature, and never empty of eggs. Every now and then, and new species are discovered, new eggs are added to these waters, and a crowd of younger magis can be seen, all struggling to get ahold of one of the new and rare species. These new creatures come from distant lands, and can be dangerous to obtain.
      Younger magis spend hours here, gazing at the variety of eggs, waiting for some special species to appear. When they spot a particular egg they want, the student will gently take it out of the water and carry it away, to raise and nurture the beast it contains. The more patient a magi, and the longer they watch they stream, the more likely they are to find a desirable egg. Eggs can also be found in shops, and those eggs are generally more rare and difficult to come by. Magi often own their own shops, where they offer specific species for sale - for a price.