The World - Arkene

Arkene is considered to be the coldest and most uninhabitable of places, although beautiful. Snowfall can reach up to a gryphon's shoulder in the dead of winter, and magis must well prepared when they venture into this unforgivable terrain. Surrounded by the Alasre mountains, it is home to all manner of ice creatures; gryphons who migrated here hundreds of years ago and never left, a rare breed of phoenixes...
      This frigid land ends in ice that stretches out as far as the eye can see. This territory has never been explored; too far from any place to trade for supplies, a traveler would quickly find themselves with little food and no land in sight. Most often traversed in summer, a magi can sometimes catch a brief glimpse of migrating narwhals and their young off the coast.
      Ordinary creatures can be found there, too, possessing no magical qualities; giant white bears are best avoided, as well as ivory foxes. In the icy water, seals can be seen, hunting for fish. Tracks belonging to snow colored hares can be seen as well, soft imprints on the icy crust.
      On the fringes of this land there are rudimentary settlements where some humans set up trading with magis that pass through, and eke out a cold living. Tough and capable of survival in the harshest of conditions, magis often hire these people as guides, valuable aids in the hunt for eggs. In return, supplies are brought to this tribe that they cannot make themselves; iron, grain, and other materials. The people of Synara City are said to be descendants of this race, but magis do not easily see the commonalities; these hardy people are stocky, while the graceful people of the city to the south are tall and thin.