The World - Voltar

  • Legends
Far to the south, a sweltering land can be found, warm through all seasons. The people here are sun-browned and friendly, spending the majority of their time throwing great festivals. They sleep during the day and awake in the coolness of night to do trade and business. As you wander along a packed street, you find yourself being herded in the direction of the market. The market smells of exotic spices and jasmine, the night air cool on your skin. You pause as one vendor displays a necklace to you, tiny bells adorning it that make exquisite sounds.
      You leave the teeming city as night falls, traveling through the cooler hours. You make your way south, to where you know the volcanoes have stood for centuries. You make your way up one as quickly as you can, dreading the thought of being caught here in the harsh light of the day. As you near the top, you can detect the scent of something burning. Fantastic creatures reside in the depths of these volcanoes, reveling in the heat.
      Phoenix eggs, fiery gryphons - they can all be found here, mingling with flame. You carefully tread among ashes, keeping a sharp eye out for the wild animals. Your foot feels something under the ashes - you can feel the pulsing heat even through your boot. Kneeling, you uncover a flame colored egg, warm beneath your touch. Quickly, you wrap it in a clothe and stash it in your bag, making your way back down the mountain before these fierce creatures can find you trespassing.
      You stop on your way back to The Keep, unable to stop yourself from taking part of the festivities. Delicious drinks and foods are offered, making your mouth water in anticipation. The feast lasts for many hours, and you have to excuse yourself to sleep, exhausted from the dances. In the morning, you gather up the exotic fruits, jewelry, and spices you've traded for and make your way back to The Keep, knowing everyone will be anxious to see what presents you've brought home.