The World - The Seal Rookery

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Although seal-hunting is a timeworn tradition in the desperate lands of the far North, none of the Arkene tribes will bother seals in the Rookery.
      It is far from the only breeding ground, but it is an extensive stretch of icy coast where many species come to nest, marked on the southern border by a semi-permanent hamlet whose buildings are entirely made of blocks of ice. The praluven seals always cluster closest to these dwellings, and occasionally adventurous residents of Synara City will make the trek up to see and play with the cuddly youngsters.
      Ironically, the main draw for the locals is not the seals at all, but the hamlet itself. Every winter aspiring youths travel to the Rookery for a festival of ice-building. Teams compete to see who can erect the most elaborate structure, or the tallest, or the most intricately decorated. Spring storms eradicate any poorly constructed building, but scattered blocks are merely recycled in following years.