The World - The Dark Lake

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  • There are no legends of The Dark Lake.
This small inland lake is a favorite destination for winter sports enthusiasts. Drifts of snow blown onto the lake never piles up and obscures its surface for long, but instead will melt down to merge with the thick black ice that permanently covers its depths. Frozen over all year round, only the fiercest blizzards have a snowfall thick enough to cover it. In a matter of days the smooth black ice will emerge once more from beneath the blanketing snow, leaving it an excellent landmark for those magi flying over the region on gryphon-back.
      Some speculate that it is the resting place of a minor god, for it is too small, they claim, to be host to such a powerful magic, else. In deference to this belief, locals who gather to play sports across its smooth top always leave an offering at a small shrine nearby. In older days it was mostly scrimshaw, but lately vetus feathers have been the more popular gift.