The World - Alasre Glacier

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There are many glaciers coming down off the Northern Alasre mountains into Arkene, but only the largest is eponymous. Even at the height of its summer retreat, it covers a vast area, and calves hillocks of miniature ice palaces into the depths of the EverLight Crevasse. The multiple lateral moraines running down its length make it a perilous undertaking to cross, and natives watch its advance and retreat carefully each year to avoid its treacheries.
      Albino nandi bears seem drawn to it during the summer months, making the long trek from the sea across the tundra and skirting the Crevasse to reach the glacier, where many hide their eggs and raise their young. Their annual ambles strategically take them across the paths of other migrating herds, giving them a nice food supply on the journey. The treacherous terrain of the glacial valley ensnares much prey for them, especially as there are few options for those hoping to avoid the crevasse and still cross the region. Locals consign the area to the bad spirits and forsake the tempting summer river that forms from its melt.