The World - Whitestone Crag

  • Legends
  • There are no legends of Whitestone Crag.
Although impossible to verify, most maps are marked with the legendary lost diamond mine, Whitestone Crag.
      Pursuit of Whitestone Crag has claimed countless lives. It is not just the severe cold of the region which enacts this toll; the area where the rumored diamonds exist is continuously shrouded with a mist that never lifts. Treasure hunters who are lucky enough to survive the attempt report that the only wealth they found was what they discovered carried into the area by other treasure hunters who succumbed to the perils of weather and wilderness.
      Among the scholars and magi, another legend persists -one unrelated to diamonds. It speaks of a mythical ice phoenix, the progenitor of the modern smaller birds seen now. Larger than a Sonerus dragon, says the tale, this eerily intelligent and entirely capricious phoenix marks its dwelling place near a high white stone tor carved to resemble a dragon.
      Klara of the Trading Post makes no comment upon either legend unless you pour her quite a few drinks, at which point nothing can be made of her slurred ramblings.