The World - Caliginous Pool

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  • There are no legends of Caliginous Pool.
In the center of Silva forest there is a pool. Secreted away in the darkest and most hidden part of the forest and known of by more people dead than alive, the Caliginous Pool remains unknown to most of the magi world. Its waters are dark, giving the pool its name, but small fish swim in it and tiny, beautiful lilies grow on its surface anyway. While normal waters are clear during the day, the waters of the Caliginous Pool become clear under moonlight. Some believe it is sacred to the kirins that make Silva their home and that only a kirin can lead a magi to the pool. It is rumoured to be guarded by wild direwolves.
      No one but the very few magi who have made it to the pool know what really happens there, or for what use is the pool. It is said that looking into the pool touches the soul and subtly alters it, bringing to the surface some ancient wildness and attuning the magi more to nature than they were.
      Though many magi have asked for the location of the pool from those who have seen it with their own eyes, none have divulged the true location. Neither have they divulged how they even reached the pool, as there are no trails that run even close to that depth in the forest.