The World - Stargazer's Summit

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  • There are no legends of Stargazer's Summit.
Among those who live in more temperate climes, anyone who voluntarily goes up to Boreus is a little crazy already. And those who spend all their time with their heads in the clouds don't exactly have their feet rooted too well in the ground, either. So no one takes the rantings of the astrologers who journey to Stargazer's Summit too seriously.
      But they all come back muttering about the mystery constellation.
      According to them, there's an invisible constellation affecting everything. They don't have any consensus on what it should be called (generally some variation on the theme of "the Hidden One"), but they all agree on its composition and form. They all agree on its rotation and degree in the sky. And they all agree: You cannot view it from anywhere else in the world. Only from Stargazer's Summit.
      There is nothing interesting to see on the ground there. In fact, over the years they eventually found themselves forced into carting up tools and building an ice wall to mark its exact location! Unless you habitually walk along with your head tilted back to star-gaze, there is nothing at all to show where it even is. During daylight hours no one could find it, were it not for the ice wall added so much later.
      Just one more oddity in a land filled with them.