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Studying the Borean ecosystem cannot be complete without a trip to see the swathe of vegetation that springs up with sudden abundance along the path the Aurora Whales will shortly migrate over.
      Such a clear indication of where these peaceful grazers will be might be considered dangerous in an evolutionary sense, but their skills protect them, and over the years others have come to benefit from and depend upon the inexplicable growth. Whole herds of chain and bell elks can be spotted moving into the area, along with flocks of birds on their way South for the winter, and predators who move in looking to take advantage of the concentration of prey. In a land with one of the lowest population densities, the contrast is unmistakable, and startling. Perhaps it would draw more attention, save that Borean poets have so overused it that folk have become innured to the idea of such an upwelling of life just as everything begins to shut down for the winter.