The World - Last Stop Inn

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The hardy souls who travel to the far North in search of new markets for their wares (or new wares for old markets) hail the creation of Last Stop Inn with relief. It is a simple testament to truth in advertising -an inn and tavern at the last stop in the road. Travel beyond this point must be done by forging new paths, hiring local guides, and, because there are no permanent settlements of any kind to be found further on, camping.
      Over the years a small permanent market (and several warehouses) have grown up around the Inn. Locals joke that there are almost as many brewmasters as there are merchants, but they all agree that it is the Inn itself which draws the trade. Down comforters are piled high on every bed and cot, and anaugi imported at great expense lounge about in the basements, heating the entire building (don't ask what fuel is usually used for fires in Boreus). After some initial feuding, the area was declared neutral territory so that all the clans can gather to sell their wares to the merchants from the South, and healers often make the trek to practice their art, for just outside of the neutral boundary, skirmishes and banditry often erupt. Mercenaries in desperate straits sometimes find their way up to the region as well, for they are sure to be hired on for the journey back.