The World - Synara City

As you travel, a great city begins to become clearer to you. Glittering towers and fortified stone walls grow larger as you approach, and a well worn road appears, which you move toward. More people join you, and by the time you have reached the massive gate, you are in a crowd. The streets within the walls are just as densely populated, and you quickly duck down a side road to avoid the mass of people. The roads here are cobblestone, beautifully crafted. It seems as if every small detail of this city has been decorated, from the fragile celtic knots on the magically lit light-poles to the carved trim on the houses.
      You wind your way through side streets, slowly making your way towards the hub of the city; the trading district. You're struck by the differences Synara and Voltar have; where Voltar is all tents and shouting craftsmen, Synara is more hushed and peaceful. A wide square is lined with beautiful stores, but you bypass them for a moment, heading for the center of the square, where a lush garden is filled with benches. There's a pond in the middle, filled with koi, and children flit here and there, selling sweet frozen delicacies.
      When you have had your fill of the flowers, you venture inside a store proclaiming itself a "Phine Egges Confectionary". The window is filled with sugar-spun eggs, ice phoenixes dusted with fine white powder, gryphon eggs that boast they taste of cherry. Much to your amusement, they do. Of course many magis would doubtless find this blasphemy, but perhaps you simply won't tell them.
      There are, of course, legitimate egg shops, where rare creatures can be bought. Carefully laid out on satin and silk, eggs are pet and examined by noble women, who probably view them as pretty oddities. You can't imagine these carefully made up women raising a direwolf, for sure. The people of this city are graceful and thin, with light hair and skin. Most of their time is spend picking out clothes and organizing refined parties. They do not seem particularly strong to you, though; the thought of them raising a dragon hatchling in their finery is laughable.
      Synara City is always like this; charming and beautiful. Magis love to visit here, and often a rare creature can be purchased without strenuous travel. The Keep looks rustic and dull in comparison, but you wish to go home after a time, the constant finery and delicacy tiring to your sensibility.