The World - Mt. Effervia

  • Legends
  • There are no legends of Mt. Effervia.
Calidis is shrouded in stories, some old and some recent. Some are based in truth, like those surrounding the great volcano that lies dormant near the southern end of the island. Inhabitants from Alveus have legends about a gigantic beast sleeping under the island which once woke in such rage that it burned the sky with fire and dust, sweeping through the mainland and turning the lakes black. The people of Foenara believe the volcano to be the entrance to the afterlife, and that it shakes whenever a great empress dies, as though the gates are not strong enough to hold her spirit. It is considered a taboo to approach the volcano should you end up on Calidis, lest you accidentally enter the world of the dead. There are stories about the unnamed ancient inhabitants of the island as well, though most of these come from archaeology students creating stories around the campfire at night.