The World - Incendiary Forest

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While no humans seem to live on the island of Calidis, the creatures and plants are of a peculiar nature. The climate of the island is too dry to be tropical, surrounded on all sides by high cliffs which block most of the rains coming in from the ocean. The island is still covered in a forest, but it is arid and suffers from frequent droughts. The trees are dense and keep the understory cool and dark, but explorers have traveled through this forest and returned with stories of strange creatures unlike those seen anywhere else. Flightless birds, miniature elephants, and lizards rivaling dragons in size are among those reported, but many others await discovery. Beyond these are carnivorous plants, magical flowers, and vines which grow so fast they seem to crawl along the forest floor. The forest gets its name for the tendency of the trees to catch fire and burn in huge swaths until the fire becomes blocked by rock, river, or other burned regions. Many of the plants contain volatile oils and will shed their leaves and bark to fuel the flames. Regular burns are an important part of the forest's ecosystem, as most of the trees and many shrubs will only drop their seeds after a fire. There are many dangers for unwary travelers, and only a small portion of the forest has been explored in recent times.